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Phill Collins - Both sides of the Story

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Find yourself in a gutter, in a lonely part of
town Where death waits in the darkness, with a
weapon, to cut some strangers down. Sleeping with
an empty bottle, he's a sad and empty hearted man.
All he need is a job, a little respect, so he can
get out while he can.

Ohh! We always need to hear both sides of the

A neighbourhood peace is shattered, it's the
middle of the night. Young faces hide in the
shadows, while they watch their father and mother
fight. He says she's been unfaithful, she says her
love for him has gone. The brother shruggus to his
sister and says "looks like it's just us from now

Ohh! We always need to hear both sides of the

And the lights are all on, the world is watching
now People looking for truth, we must not fail
them now Be sure before you close your eyes Don't
walk away from here till you see both sides

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I now that's a cool one. Basically, it's the reason because i posted it. :P